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Below you will find testimonials of people, possibly like you, who have used PMA to enhance their career, families and their lives. These are just a few of the hundreds of people helped each year by Personalized Management Associates. Many of them felt like you prior to using PMA. 


Hey Gretchen,

As you can imagine, Houston’s has been keeping me incredibly busy (but in a good way of course).  

As you know, I finished my training in February.  The company decided to keep me in San Francisco for a while to add some stability to the store and help compliment the management team currently in place.  It has been a great store to stay in, and a really beautiful city to continue to explore.  Because of the high-profile nature of our location, I have had great one on one work experience with my General manager (who is one of a handful of executive GM’s in the company) as well as working on a few projects for the Vice President of the company (including sourcing and having a product custom made from China for company wide introduction within the next month).  Currently I am running two out of four departments in the restaurant, and have direct P&L responsibility for about half of the store’s income.  On top of that, we are knocking on the door of record for sales every week!  

I just wanted to drop you a line to keep you updated on how everything out here is going, as well as thank you again for introducing me to what has turned out to be a very exciting and successful opportunity.  

Hope all is well back East and I hope you haven’t floated away yet.


J. V. S.


Dear Gretchen;
I am sending you this note to confirm that I am starting at XXXXX as manager on August 22nd, 2005. At this time I would like to thank you for your help in securing this position. Your guidance during my interview process was invaluable. You were professional and friendly and if you are a representation of what it is to be working with the XXXX restaurant group, then I know I made the right decision by coming on board, and that my employment with the company will be rewarding. Thank you for all your support.

R. A.


To Gretchen:

“You have put so much effort in me, and I would like to thank you for that. You have shown me abundant support, and yet you have not given me any of the pressures that corporate recruiters normally place on you. You have been a true Jerry Maguire. Thank you.”

M. H., Pawtucket, RI



The purpose of this letter is to express my thanks for the fine job done by PMA and specifically you in securing a position for me  with XXXX Restaurant Group. Although the first position I was considered for did not work out, PMA was persistent in continuing   a job search for me. When an opportunity did arise the assistance of PMA was indispensible. Your professionalism is to be commended.
Once again thank you for your help and please feel free to use this letter as a testimonial in any way you  see fit.

Yours truly,



Jean Foster has in such short time helped me to realize that my successes in the past are just not good enough to accept as long as my potential hasn't been met. She's given me the belief in myself to strive to achieve my true success. She not only is a great professional to have on my side, but also a true friend. She possesses a unique ability to brighten my day when times were rough, lighten my path when I was lost, and quell any fear of failure that befell me. I will always be grateful to have met such a wonderful person.

Thank you Jean!