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Job Code: BL101
Salary: $40,000 - $60,000 +
Job Opened: 7/12/2006
Job Closing: 12/31/2006

Business experience plus outgoing and tenacious attitude.

Job Title: Executive Recruiter
Job Description: A Dunn & Bradstreet rated corporation, founded in 1985, has become the oldest and largest employment solution firm of its kind in the country today! PMA has pioneered an executive search system for management staffing in our niche markets of restaurant, retail and service management. We service store/branch level through vice president candidates. Few companies have the reputation of PMA in finding innovative employment solutions for both companies and candidates in today’s workplace. Entrepreneur Magazine has rated PMA as one of the hottest opportunities in the country. Personalized Management Associates Inc believes in quality, ethics in business, and caring to develop long-term relationships with both our clients and candidates. It has been these core beliefs that have enabled us to develop and implement a system of search and placement that has kept us at the top for over two decades.

Individuals responsibilities will include sourcing of candidates, prescreening applicants, and qualifying candidates to be placed with major corporations throughout the United States. In addition, will consult with hiring authorities as to their employment needs and challenges and will be a liaison in solving them. Advancement within the organization is expected to be rapid and often.

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