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Personalized Management Associates-Oklahoma City

3000 Founders Blvd., Suite 228, Oklahoma City, OK. 73112


Teresa Hawkins, President E-Mail Teresa

David Hawkins, Vice President E-Mail David


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The PMA-Oklahoma City Office is owned and operated by Management Services of Oklahoma, Inc. The PMA Oklahoma City Office is the leading talent acquisition firm servicing Oklahoma City and surrounding states.

Retail Recruiting, Restaurant Recruiting, Hospitality Recruiting

If You Are A Company:

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  • PMA specializes in both Acquisition and Retention of the BEST Talent in your marketplace.

  • PMA helps you to gain access to the TOP 10% of your competitors people.

  • PMA provides you with Competitive Intelligence for your marketplace.

  • PMA interviews over 11,000 candidates annually.

  • PMA performs over 60,000 target recruit calls annually. 

  • PMA has a consistent hiring ratio of 1 candidate hired for every 3 referred.  

  • PMA has a Nationwide Network of Offices. 

  • PMA is the oldest and largest search firm specializing in Restaurant, Hospitality and Retail Management. 

  • Hire only candidates that increase your bottom line significantly.

If You Are A Candidate: 

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  • PMA offers targeted career guidance.

  • PMA specializes in unique career opportunities not available through traditional job listings and job postings.

  • PMA represents opportunities at hundreds of the most sought after companies in the United States.

  • PMA does goal oriented interviews geared to understand both your current and future aspirations. 

  • PMA will treat your information with complete confidentiality.

  • PMA will put you at the right place, at the right time, in front of the decision makers.

  • PMA walks hand in hand with you through the entire interview process.

  • PMA offices are staffed with well-trained, salaried consultants with previous experience of various levels in the management industry. We know the industry, who the "players" are and how to access them.

  • PMA has the highest concentration of Certified Personnel Consultants in the United States specializing in Restaurant, Hospitality and Retail Management.


What truly separates PMA from other executive search firms is our people. They are highly trained and integrity oriented consultants who know the key players in our industries and recruit only the top performing, high caliber talent. PMA knows what makes a successful match in our searches and we do not waste either our client's or candidate's time by presenting anything less than long term matches.

A map of 73112. Click to see the map on MSN Maps & Directions


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